JH Audio Lola Thoughts

I have had a little time now with the JH Lola and I must say it is unique. I have used the stock cable as well as a pure silver cable(also with bass adjustment). Both cables do provide and excellent experience, with the silver cable providing a tad less warmth to the overall tone, but the details and clarity are superb. The stock cable provides tonality as JH obviously wanted it to be heard. The details of a description need to lie in the tonality of this musical performer, the Lola. I found the bass setting sweet spot with the stock cable to be 2:00 o’clock and the silver cable to be at 3:00.

The overall character of the Lola is full with the bass being transparent with plenty of air, so that the bass lines are not jumbled, but clear. The mids have a spark with a tinge of warmth. Mids are detailed due to the amount of air around notes but there is still an aura of warmth and incredible tonality. The treble can display itself in a bit of a brightish manner. Not to say it is harsh, but the brightness is dependent on the tracks you are listening too. The treble extends and due to this, the Lola has a dynamic tinge. Overall, it is pretty cool to be able to achieve a dynamic sound, with clarity, while still achieving a glow of warmth. The sense of space is great, providing you a lot of headroom.

Again, I am kinda torn on which cable I prefer, it may very well depend on my mood or the genre of music I am listening to. If you have the opportunity to hear a seasoned Lola, you should do it. It is worthy of more attention than it has received.