DUNU Luna – Beryllium Driver Initial Thoughts


I want to post some quick thoughts about the Luna. I am super hesitant to do this because I am not sure about the necessary seasoning of the driver, but feel somewhere between 150-200 hours.

Packaging-TOTL over the top. Representative of a true flagship

Build Quality- I don’t see any issue with the build quality…they are much more diminutive than I thought.

Fit- I must say I was scared at first that I would be reliving the marginal, at best, fit of the Dita Dream because of the size and short nozzle; Super surprised, fit is excellent they disappear in your ears and seal, I found they seal well with a number of tips.

Initial Impressions of Sound

It is super critical to get this out of the way. This IEM is one of the most tip dependent I have heard. I didn’t try any of the tips in the package because I have so many in my organizer. I found that Spiral Dots, Spiral Dots ++, Azla Sedna and Final E tips all seal well. I also tried Symbio, Symbio peeled, Spinfits(cp100?? not sure), and various other silicone in my storage. With each tip I could notice variations in the sound, Sedna provided a bit of a lift in the bass, SD++ presented some holographic imaging and so on. I would encourage folks to tip roll. I still do not think I am done tip rolling but currently have the Final tips on the Luna. The default tips are the Blue tips included, maybe I will go down that path but I don’t like to disrupt the stock packaging if I choose re-sell. I think as folks talk about impressions they should include what tips they are using.

The Luna…the overall signature is slightly warm(tip dependent) but very transparent. Engaging sound that captures your attention. Put them in and forget about it. Excel at delivering acoustic, jazz, blues, classical genres. Pop music sounded good as well but I found music that has air around the notes is a super good listen.

Tip dependent, signature changes with tips. I could see where folks think cable is weak point. The connection of the MMCX is super solid, but the covering on the cable doesn’t feel as premium as PW Audio No.10, mild gripe. No issues with sound and the cable, only the feel. Again I am nitpicking.

The stage is terrific. Music comes at me from behind my head etc. Imaging is a strength.

The treble is super fresh and vibrant. Much better than estat IMO. Detailed and sparkly. Not harsh, but sharp, Khan like, but the Luna can be listened to much longer without fatigue. I found the Khan fatiguing and the Luna I don’t.

Sub bass rumbles but has layering, showcasing the bass quality and the quantity can be felt. So much separation and air, more rumble could be present without interfering with the mids.