About Me

I’ve transitioned from home ownership to apartment living, and it has been a significant adjustment. My interest in music shifted from home audio systems to portable gear, as I needed a discreet way to listen to music without disturbing my neighbors. However, I still wanted to maintain the high-quality sound that I was used to with home audio gear. This led me to focus on portable, personalized gear until I purchase my next home.

I’m passionate about being able to listen to audiophile gear anytime, anywhere. I find the on-the-go environment more challenging for finding audio nirvana, and I love the challenge of finding the ultimate gear that’s versatile enough for multiple environments and scenarios.

When it comes to reviewing audio equipment, I prefer to keep it simple and highlight a little bit about the packaging and accessories, the build quality, and my take on what type of sound signature you can expect. I may post a graph or chart, but it is only for reference because what you hear is the most important. Graphs cannot display tone, timbre, or emotion.

There are many factors to consider when reading a review, such as the eartips, cables, source, environment, FLAC vs. MP3, and the anatomy of your ear, just to name a few. So, it’s important to do your research and not rely on a single reviewer’s word as gospel when deciding on a purchase.

Based on my experience, I’ve drawn some conclusions that I hope can be helpful to others. Firstly, spend your money on quality headphones or IEMs first. Secondly, your source should be your second upgrade. Thirdly, spending more money on a cable than the headphones or IEM you attach to doesn’t make sense. Fourthly, the controversy of burn-in has two distinct sides, and you won’t sway one side to the other. Lastly, none of the Top of the Line (TOTL) equipment sucks, it comes down to finding the proper signature for you.

I’m a music lover at heart, and I hope never to lose my passion for music. I try to write my reviews in as few words as possible and keep it simple, not relying on the Thesaurus. My format and style are my own, and everyone’s mileage may vary and probably will.