Empire Ears Legend EVO

Empire Ears Legend EVO part deux;

I had an incredible listening session with EVO today. It has a “big” sound. The sound is full and surrounds my head. I read folks are saying treble doesn’t extend. I don’t hear it that way. It is interesting, that it is a precise treble but with the edges smoothed. I do feel the mids assist(particularly upper register) in creating a nice treble. Instruments have a natural tone and the decay is realistic. Obviously, the quantity and quality of bass has been the focal point, but considering the level of bass, I find it quite a tuning feat to allow so much separation.

It is really an anomaly how you have such quality & quantity bass without impeding clarity. No fog or muddiness in the listen.

I have quite a few hours logged, whether burn-in, or in-ear and these are the 4th IEM from EE that has improved with seasoning.

Tip wise, I have tried to stick with Final as it is the stock tip and the one someone will receive with a purchase. I use LL but step down to L works also. I do like the sound with the Final tips, since that is what the EVO was tuned with, it makes sense. Also, the Azla Sedna give a good quality sound and if you prefer a more shallow(and more comfortable fit) I was okay with the Sedna Earfit Light Short. As far as cables, I more than likely won’t experiment with cables until after the review.