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DUNU has done an incredible job with the tuning of this single driver. One of the first things you notice is how tiny and lightweight the IEM is. Fit issues was the first thing that popped into my mind, without even trying it. Wonderfully, that worry was quickly alleviated and I have had a comfortable fit(IEM wise, tips not) and was able to achieve a seal with almost every tip I tried. When you first insert them into your ears, because they are so lightweight, you feel you haven’t achieved a seal, but once the music starts, Voila! you have a seal.

CAUTION from DUNU – there is an off chance that the very soft driver surround gets “stuck” in another vibrational mode that causes the tinny/faraway sound. This might happen if you push in the earphones too quickly and at just the wrong angle. Usually with people who prefer really deep insertions and really tight seals. Happened with the Final Type E tips once before, and they’re supposed to have the tightest seal of all the FAD tips around. It corrects itself but more info from DUNU is here https://www.head-fi.org/threads/dunu-luna-impressions-and-discussion.923958/page-17

SQ and comfort wise, I have spent too much time tip rolling, thanks to COVID-19 staying at home, time isn’t an issue. Let me save time for others experiencing the Luna. This is not an exhaustive list, but please see photo for tips tried. While it may not be exhaustive, I feel exhausted after A/Bing for days.

I am going to highlight six different offerings and put them in order of MY preference, as always this is my subjective opinion and YMMV. Understand that these opinions can result in tiny changes within the sound signature. I have somewhere around 75-100 hours of listening time with the Luna. One other thing I am noticing is with more seasoning the sound becomes less tip dependent. If you find “your tip” at the beginning, it will be yours and with time will improve. None of these provide the listener with a bad experience, just some enhancements. Keep in mind, I have critically listened so you can casually listen. I love the sound of the Luna

6) Spiral Dot ++ – I was surprised that I didn’t care for this tip on the Luna. They are reasonably comfortable and can be inserted deep to provide the best sound. It just didn’t showcase any of the signature. They are meh. Possibly, it creates balance without bringing out the best of any frequency.

5) Final E tips- Between these and Spiral Dots they are generally my go to for most IEM’s. Comfortable, absolutely no comfort issues. Deep insertion delivers the best sound. Overall, the sound loses some of the layering, air and separation in the bass. Overall, throughout the signature, some of the clarity and air is lost. Some of the effects of punch and speed are perceived to be minimized.  If this is what you have rock them, but at least try some of the other options. I use LL size.

4) Spiral Dots – The OG Spiral Dots need a size up and shallow insertion as well. Again, just insert until you can feel it against your ear hole. If you insert it deeper it will stay in your ear and it really isn’t necessary. The mid range is a tad more upfront which cause this to be a bit too mid forward for my tastes. I do enjoy some holographic imaging with the Spiral Dots. Bass punch is present and impact is good, just feel the mid-range is attenuated too much and captures too much of the attention. Comfort is a non-issue because of the shallow insertion. I use L size.

3) Sedna Azla OG(Dark Grey light grey stem) – The only reason these are 3 is because of comfort, they are a little stiff. To avoid this, only insert until you can feel the seal, no vacuum needed, just cover your ear hole. Because they are a stiffer ear tip shallow insertion and seal is possible. This shallow insertion may require one size larger than you usually use. These will present you with the most bass quantity, allowing you to feel the bass. Slightly less bass transparency, but I love the trade-off with rumble. With the wide bore, the clarity is present and the treble displays great extension. Because of the added bass quantity some of the holographic imaging is lost when compared to other wide bore tips.Plenty of air around the notes. This may be one of my favorite overall sound signatures, but with deep insertion they are not comfortable. Shallow insertion and prosper. I use L size.

2) Azla Sedna Earfit Light Short – This eartip can be inserted at a medium depth for best sound. These provide an incredible balance to the Luna. The mid-range is detailed, can hear fingers pluck the strings. There is good bass punch, and slightly above average rumble, especially when the song has sub bass. The layering and detail of the bass is incredible. The imaging is above average and some holographic properties are heard.  The stage is average width and accurate. This ear tip will showcase the speed and dynamism of the Luna. Most anyone can find a size that will work as they offer in-between sizes. For most users they may be #1. I use L tips.

1) Spinfit CP360 – To my ears these are the Holy Grail for the Luna. I must say that I hate Spinfit as a rule, poor seal and they never do much for the sound quality. A little birdy told me that the DUNU sound engineer preferred these, so I said what the heck give them a try. The only problem may be obtaining a seal. I have a large ear hole which may be why I have never liked Spinfit. I utilize a shallow insertion, up to the point where they are slightly past the ear hole opening. With music on upon insertion you will hear the sweet spot. The sound is lively, energetic. There is above average sub bass, they bass tickles my ears, layering and detail is ever present. Percussion is fast with short decay and showcases the snap of the Beryllium driver. the treble is never offensive but extends well and has a sparkle. A great song to try is by The Rippingtons, Kings Road. I cannot recommend these enough with the caveat that they have no in-between sizes so the fit may not be for you. I use XL size.

I want to recommend some tracks to showcase your new Luna.

Before Sunrise (The Rippingtons) – showcases imaging and holography, details in strings and the occasional percussion can be felt. The bass is in its stage and can felt at times.

Kings Road (The Rippingtons) – mentioned above, showcases timbre and tonality of drums. Also, the speed is incredible.

1,2, To the Bass (Stanley Clarke) – This really displays the transparency and layering in bass. While this is a bass oriented song it doesn’t really rumble, but oh so subtly.

Trip Trap (Marcus Miller) – Bass lover’s rejoice. Quantity and quality…incredible

What Did I Do (Southern Avenue) – Female vocals, sounds like she is in your room…so sexy. The speed is once again at the fore front but the female vocals are all the rage…just listen to the whole release it is all great

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