DUNU DK-2001


DUNU DK-2001
-MRSP: Universal fit $299

Some time ago, I was asked to review the DUNU DK-3001. I loved the sound signature, it really had a pleasant tone and the DD bass was excellent. The biggest issue I mentioned was the fit and comfort. I was a bit vocal and somewhat harsh about comfort. I could never find my sweet spot with the DK-3001, which, although I loved the sound, the comfort really detracted from the overall package.

DUNU reached out to me and said that they have redesigned the shell with comfort in mind.  I tip my hat to DUNU for listening to their customer base and caring enough to make a much-needed comfort design change.

I am posting some photos and initial thoughts on the DUNU DK-2001. To be fair,  knowing that there is a DD in the mix, I really need more critical listening time and a bit more seasoning for the DD.   I will add to this and provide a little bit more detail when I finalize my review.

The balanced tips are the color matching tips, and the stock tips are the ones I have stuck with. The “clear” ones are transparency tips, and the red cored tips are vocal tips. I find the Final Audio and Sedna tips also work well with the DK-2001. The sound is showcased with the balanced stock tips and I can achieve a seal, which doesn’t often happen for me with stock tips. The Sedna tips are also an excellent choice as well and I do enjoy the strong bass response that they provide.

What I am hearing is deep bass response, good quantity and a very snappy quality. The overall signature has a snappy response and it delivers a musical experience. This is an excellent all-arounder and will not disappoint you with any genre of music you are tuned to.  The treble is non-fatiguing or offensive in any way and has average extension.  I am loving the soundstage; it has width and depth, and I did not necessarily expect the depth.  I have heard more accuracy in other IEM’s but this is a very enjoyable and musical listen overall.

I love the cable and it’s system of connectors. The cable itself has great ergonomics and doesn’t cause noise from rubbing against my clothes or movement. The DK-2001 comes with a 3.5mm SE output connector, but other connectors, such as 2.5mm balanced can be purchased. The cable system is designed so that you don’t have to remove the cable from the IEM. You can quick swap the connectors for any source output you prefer.

Comfort is the 500lb Gorilla in the room and that has been corrected. The DK-2001 is a skinny profile IEM that really sits inside your ear. That said, I do not feel any of the annoyances that plagued me in the original. DUNU has done a great job of fixing what was broken and they deserve kudos for that.