Custom Art FIBAE 7 Unlimited

Custom Art has completed a refesh of their most popular IEM, the FIBAE 7.

Introducing the new FIBAE 7 Unlimited

FIBAE 7 Unlimited – Custom Art ( – this is the place for purchase and design.

I have the OG FIBAE 7 and my design is impeccable and the sound signature is very balanced.

My original FIBAE 7 design(below) and some thoughts. FIBAE 7

I asked Piotr, the owner of Custom Art about the differences vs. the OG FIBAE 7 and he said :

“Well, this would be a less mid-forward version of FIBAE 7, with some improvements in bass and a lot of improvements in highs. All is refined and redefined. It’s really good sounding IEM that improves a lot on top of FIBAE 7.
Over the course of years we had in our lab some competitors TOTL IEMs (some costing above $5k) and we had a chance to measure them, listen to them and make notes 🙂 I noticed some similarities between them so the FIBAE 7 Unlimited follows what I would call modern-era TOTL signature. So basically if you ever felt like FIBAE 7 could sound better in some areas – FIBAE 7 Unlimited fixes all the 7’s weaknesses.”