Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH50 JM Edition

I have become a bit infatuated with the Kennerton Audio Headphones. So I published some brief comments and photos of two previous Kennerton offerings. The Rognir Dynamic and the GH 40(for brevity), seen here Kennerton Audio Equipment GH 40 & Rognir Dynamic – Audio Rabbit Hole.

Today I wish to introduce you to my latest Kennerton Audio headphone, the Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH 50 JM Edition or GH 50 JM Edition, to decrease the mouthful. In this write-up, I will be referring to it as the GH 50, but know that I have the JM Edition of the GH 50.

The GH 50 features horn-type headphones with high-performing graphene membranes.

I purchased the GH 50 in Baltic Sea color from  Audio46. The Baltic Sea color is an upgrade at $1415. Other color options are available, such as Dusk or a lighter wood option for $1275.

An interesting fact about the GH 50, it was released in its glory by Kennerton as the GH 50. After a certain Head-Fi’er listened to it, he felt he could build a better mousetrap.

From the Kennerton Audio website(ignore grammar and the plethora of errors);

Horn-type headphones are musicality, integrity of perception, overall harmony, natural sound and the ability to completely capture the listener.

JM Edition is an acoustic modification of Gjallarhorn headphones, which was made by John Massaria, one of the first owners of Gjallarhorns.

We considered it quite worth to be a separate model and now we are offering you the official Kennerton workshop version of it.

You can read in depth about the modifiacion from the first hand, from the author himself.

The main differences touched the bullhorn form and change of phase inverter. It did significantly changed the accent of the sound of the headphones without dropping any quality at all.

We named the model after the author, JM Edition.


In essence, Kennerton appreciated John Massaria’s modification enough to sell their OG model and the JM Edition.

John Massaria tells the tale of the sound, as does the other reviewer. Please click on John’s name for plenty of details.

I will concur with their findings, and I am still trying to work on the bend of the headband.

The GH 50 has some incredible bass, and the stage is relatively wide for a closed-back headphone.

To add another caveat, John appears to have an MKII or 2.0 mod, enhancing the experience. Sending the headphone to John for this mod is on my list. However, I have yet to do this as I am allowing some burn-in and time to become accustomed to the original JM tuning. Search on Head-Fi to find more comments.

I think it will be more interesting to edit this post to include a before and after of the signature changes.

The main reason for this write-up is to showcase the sexiness of the GH 50 and its unique color. I didn’t realize when I posted photos that my Baltic Sea version was different from the Baltic Sea versions of the past. Therefore, I will allow the images to speak for themselves.

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