Thoughts on Sendy Audio Aiva

It have not been able to log as much time on the Aiva as I would like. My full review will be coming, but I am not so sure it will be quickly.

My first thoughts are right on par with everyone about the build quality and design. The amount of detail and effort put into the AIVA is over the top. They are simply stunning, and the little “things” set them apart. Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Overall the signature is brighter than my preferred signature, but that said, the detail retrieval is superb, and I quickly become immersed in the detail and the layers of transparency. The Aiva is a very revealing headphone. The treble extends so well, which brings me to one of my Aiva wishes. I wish the stage were more extensive, with more width and a more open feel. With the treble going to the ends of the earth, it is surprising that the stage is intimate, it is precise but intimate. The mids have a lovely rich tone but are clearly not the focal point of the sound. Planar bass, what needs to be said about that, it is present and punches with a naturally rich tone. The bass speed is excellent, as a matter of fact, the overall rate revealed in the Aiva is impressive.

Unfortunately, life is full at the moment, but when I have time to critical listen, the Aiva is getting the attention. I want to mention the comfort, for me, while these things are on the heavy side, they feel super good on my head. I have no hot spots on my ears or behind them, maybe I am lucky. As I write this, I listen to Al DiMeola, if you know his music, Flesh to Flesh, you know it is a fast sound with lots of transitions and change. The Aiva handles it flawlessly. The QLS QA361 drives them easily with the volume set at 50%, this pairing will make you want to slap yo momma.
More to come….