Glimpse: Symbio Mandarin Tips

I wanted to post some thoughts on the Symbio tips. I have both the narrow and the wide, with the wide being my preference. These are wonderful tips. My favorite wide tip, the JVC Spiral Dot is truly being challenged by the Symbio W. With my Zeus XR the SQ is clearly better than with the Spiral Dots, I was surprised. The tips are silicon over a foam, the foam is similar to a Comply. At first insertion they feel rigid and I have noticed as they warm up inside your ear the comfort improves. The only issue I have is I need more W for my other IEM’s.

20170724_175854_Burst01.jpg 20170724_180212.jpg
20170724_180234.jpg 20170724_180240.jpg
20170724_180302_Burst01.jpg 20170724_200907.jpg