Review: Smooth Operator – Unique Melody Mentor V2

Pros – Smooth tone, Fun, Two Cables Included
Cons – A little large

I want to extend a big thanks to Andrew at MusicTeck for loaning me the Unique Melody Mentor V2. It has been my experience that Andrew wants to do everything he can to make his customers happy. Thanks again!

A Little Technical Stuff:


· CONFIG: 2x HIGH, 2x MID-HIGH, 2x MID, 4x LOW

· RANGE: 20 Hz – 20 kHz


· IMPEDANCE: 27.8 ohm


Unique Melody Mentor V2
-MRSP: Custom fit $1599 / Universal $1299

Let me make this opening statement and put it right out there. These are a smooth and satisfying IEM. The Mentor V2 is one of the smoothest operators I have heard, in fact I am sure the Sade song is totally written about this IEM. The Mentor V2 could epitomize the love at first sight analogy except my sight is not the sense I am using, it is hearing and it was love at first listen.


I generally don’t make a big deal about packaging and accessories and I am not going to start with the Mentor V2 but I want to applaud UM for including two quality cables. Great job! That certainly provides the consumer options and makes them feel they scored a good deal. Both cables are quality and I can’t criticize either for their sound or build. One is a hybrid copper/silver plated cable, the other is all silver plated. The cables are certainly worth the mention, so there you have it. The accessories have been duly noted and can be seen below. I always see if my beloved (go to) JVC Spiral Dots eartips fit and they thankfully do. I very rarely find myself testing the included eartips.


The build quality feels they are well made and sturdy. They are solid yet smooth in all of the right places which make for a comfortable, yet solid, universal experience. These are not small housings by any stretch but they are one of the more comfortable 10 Driver IEM’s I have inserted in my ears. I have listened to prolonged sessions without any discomfort.


They are rather largish so your comfort mileage may vary with this. If you have small ear canals I am not sure you would achieve the same level of comfort. The universals are offered in Carbon Fiber and Non-Carbon Fiber(Black) so choose your poison. If I was purchasing this IEM I would be happy with either design option. I would like to note it is nearly impossible to notice a seam where the faceplate is secured to the housing, great job.



Let us move on to the sound, shall we?

If you asked me to use the fewest words possible to describe the Mentor V2 I could do it with three words. Warm, smooth and balanced. Okay thanks for reading I hope you liked the review………


Anyway, I will throw out a couple of comparisons to describe the sound, not to say one IEM is better than another, but for the familiarity of it all, a mention is good. The Mentor V2 are able to sound smooth without sounding thick and slow. They have a warm sound signature and in contrast the 64 Audio U12, also WARM, took some adjustment to how the frequencies were presented. The Mentor V2 just sounded great out of the box without any strategic listening.

The bass rumbles low in a deep and extended manner. It does not bleed into the mids, knowing its rightful position and staying there while being lively and engaging. My suggestion would be to pop on some Alice in Chains, Would? I love the fact that the bass is not one dimensional.

The mids have a proper placement in the spectrum as well. They are, for lack of better description, more forward than recessed, but not overbearingly forward, just right. They have a phenomenal tone and are clear and detailed. The bass doesn’t create any interference with the mids as they are perfectly aligned and live harmoniously. Let me say, for a warmish signature the amount of detail squeezed out of the mids is awesome. I am not saying that these are the king of micro details or are analytical because they aren’t. It is just an impressive amount of details without much listening effort.


I am treble sensitive and these seemingly bring you to the brink, particularly with lower quality MP3’s, but are never harsh or strident. There is a satisfying extension and glimmer in the upper scale. It can be bright but never harsh. I was hesitant to say bright, because it may turn off some interested parties, but it is not a negative fatiguing brightness. The treble really round out the entire balancing act that is the Mentor V2. The Zeus XRA is a brighter IEM thsn the Mentor V2 and that is all I will say for a comparison except that the Zeus is also quite a bit costlier so I won’t compare. I will say that the Zeus won’t satisfy a basshead.

Overall, for the in a nutshell sound wrapup. This is one musical ass IEM. So enjoyable, so FUN. It crosses over the stereotype of a warm onlysounding IEM by providing details and a terrific harmony among the 10 Drivers, all 10 play so nicely together. Color me impressed with this IEM.


Let’s bring the review to an end. I said earlier if I was asked to describe the Mentor V2 in a few words what would they be and I said three words. Warm, smooth and balanced. I think I would like to ask your permission for just one more word…FUN. This is a great overall package providing, two quality cables, a well built, attractive shell. A kick ass balanced musical presentation. As is the case with the multi-driver offerings they are a bit costly. To me, cost is one of the few negatives I can mention. These would be a nice compliment to my collection it may be time for me to have one of hose heart to heart conversations with my wallet again.