3 thoughts on “Preview: Quloos QLS QA361

  1. As a somewhat ‘unconvinced’ owner of a Questyle QP2R, I wonder whether the QA361 would be a worthy upgrade? A comparison between the two would be most welcome.

    1. Hey Guy

      When I write my review I will be glad to compare the two. Why the uncertainty with the QP2R?

      1. To me, the QP2R just doesn’t sound as good as many of the reviews would suggest; maybe it’s what I’m pairing it with (Final Piano Forte IX-T, D8000 or Ultrasone Edition 8), or maybe my expectations are just too high, but I’m not feeling the love. I’m also a bit frustrated by the need to buy the HB2 if I want to get access to its line level output.

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