Mini review: EarSonics Purple

I have spent a few days with the Purple and I think EarSonics have truly created an IEM that is a great listening experience. I have migrated to the warm mode.

I have not done any cable rolling and stuck solely with stock, but not a fan of memory wire. If I become adventurous, I may try some of my tried and true Bespoke Ares II, but the Purple sound really good with the stock cable, this is my 2nd EarSonics IEM I have stayed with stock, the first being the EM10.

My tips are the Final Audio e tips, I wish they would insert a touch deeper, but I am just wishing. The comfort of the Purple is really nice, from memory I think they are more comfortable than either, the SM64 or Velvet. They disappear in my ear.

The bass, in warm mode, is particularly solid. The mid bass carries the weight and the sub-bass, which isn’t in any stretch of the imagination forgotten, just kisses the mid-bass in a special way, to create a wonderful warmth. There is detail from the bass and it slams with authority.

The mids are unveiled almost flawlessly, with the right amount of forwardness, with perfect detail and tone. The mids can make you feel you are part of the stage.

The treble, which morphs into a smoother listen in warm mode, extends and balances out the entire signature. There is nothing sharp, harsh or offensive in the treble. Cymbals have a wonderful tone and realism.

I find the stage to be well defined and wide with great stereo separation. Nothing congested here.

So there are my thoughts….more of a mini review I guess, but the Purple has had a place in my ear since I received them.

I want to mention, 90% of my listening has been on the Samsung S10+ with Tidal Masters or Qobuz lossless. Actually, a great pairing.