Focal Stellia Preview TOTL Closed-Back


The Stellia is regarded, by many folks, to be the best closed-back headphone available. Owning the best closed-back headphone comes with a price, weighing in at a heavyweight $3000.

Stellia, at 35 ohms, could be driven by your mobile device, but to receive the maximum sound quality, it is recommended to use a high quality DAP or a desktop amplifier.

QA361 or the Kann Cube are examples of DAP’s which have more than enough power and resolution to enjoy the Stellia, both of which are great pairings.

Focal has delivered on quality. From the packaging, accessories and the quality materials used to build the Stellia headphone, the entire presentation is TOTL.

I have not had enough time with the Stellia, to give considerable sound impressions. However, to my ears, they have a slightly south of neutral tilt. Give the almost reference sound, I am hesitant to say they are slightly warm, because at times they are and at other times they pull back to a more neutral signature. The treble is smooth and extends so well, providing the details you would expect at this price point.

I would also like to introduce Bloom Audio as a new friend. Andrew and his relatively new company, Bloom Audio, responded quickly to my questions, regarding the Stellia.  Andrew earned my business. His service was prompt, and his shipping was super fast. If you reach out to Andrew he may also reward you with a discount, just give it a try and see.