First Look: Effect Audio Bespoke Ares II 8-wire

I am not a huge believer in cables. Even though I am a reviewer and am asked to review many cables, it is something I do not enjoy doing. Cables are an audiophile controversy, the same as “burning in” equipment. Some go as far as saying your need to “burn-in” cables. I certainly am not going to spend the energy attempting to change someone’s thought on burn-in or cables, I have my own thoughts and you have yours.

First, I refuse to review for the sake of review samples.

Second, If you aren’t happy with your current sound or want to upgrade, look at your Headphones or IEM’s first and source second and cables a distant third. There are cables available for more money than the actual IEM’s themselves. If you spend 2K on am IEM, it makes no sense to me to spend an additional 1K on a cable, the 2K IEM should sound stellar out of the box as the manufacturer intended.

Sorry, I have listened to many cable and IEM pairings and you can firmly place me in the “I don’t get it” category. It’s your money spend it as you wish but I will tell you that 99% of the reviews you read with $1500 cables weren’t purchased by the reviewers, they are review samples.¬† I have a limit on what I wish to pay for cables and the¬†Effect Audio Bespoke Ares II 8-wire is close to the top of that range.

Copper is generally regarded as a cable that will add a touch of fullness to lower regions and the lower mid-range and silver should create a touch thinner,more detailed, treble enhancing sound. Both of the Ares cables do a great job at delivering a trifling difference in the sound signature but I enjoy the ergonomics of both cables extremely well.

If you need a replacement cable or would like I cable with a different termination both of these cables a great choices. The original Ares II is $150 and the 8-wire is $300.

I won’t be reviewing the cables or engaging in the cable controversy.