Dita Dream XLS Preview

The Dream XLS deserves the proper amount of time to season. The signature improves after each day of burn-in, but were perfectly fine out of the box. 200 hours of burn-in is recommended and I would say I have close to 75 hours. I was holding off on commenting until I had 

The Dream XLS is certainly bred from the same DNA as the original Dream. The XLS as the Dream before is one clean, detailed, impactful listen, only improved.

Dream XLS is made from titanium, CNC-milled and polished to perfection. Utilizing the brand new DITA Ultra-linear Dynamic Driver Gen. XLS for increased resolution, sensitivity and emotional engagement.

OSLO-XLS is paired with the Dream XLS to provide an expansive soundstage with smooth, melodic and crystal clear highs.

The XLS impresses with its ability to produce an incredible impact with it’s bass, as can be somewhat expected for a DD. As with the original Dream the bass of the XLS is some of the best I have heard. Snappy, impactful and articulate best describe the bass. There is a quantity of sub bass and while the rumble is present and impressive, the layers of bass and it’s articulation are the real deal. 

It’s stage showcases equal parts width and depth. The stage is precise with clear definition surrounding the instruments and pinpoint accuracy. Deep and wide, put on the latest Tool release for a holographic feel.

I remember reading some comments regarding the original Dream having a “metallic” sound to the treble. I hear nothing metallic in the mids or treble. 

Dita has been able to increase the level of engagement for the listener, providing a bit of a warmer signature, while maintaining all of the positive attributes of clarity, detail and transparency of the original.

The unruly Truth cable is gone and the new Oslo cable is stock, thank God. I hated the ergonomics of the original cable, it was evil. I love the Oslo cable, great sound, ergonomics, and the included plugs and connection system.

The build is meticulous and the shell’s profile is close to the original being as slender in it’s profile. There is a labor of love that goes into the hand polishing that each unit receives. I love the look and think they are a stunning design. The sockets are the same as the original. It appears that the nozzle may be shorter than before, which leads me to comments regarding fit.

I had some issue with the fit of the Dream and the XLS is no different. I have an oddly large ear hole which narrows. Shallow fitting IEMs can give me trouble in achieving a seal and a tight seal is critical with the XLS. The included tips are Final Audio E tips and they provide the intended sound if you can find one to give you the necessary seal. My custom tips work perfectly. Because of the low profile design the customs do not cause the XLS to stick out from my ears. I feel the customs balance out the overall signature, and I love what I am hearing, but I believe I heard a deeper rumble with the Final tips.

As fond of the Dream as I was, the XLS improves on all aspects of the original, sans fit. A certain keeper! I am more impressed each day. Even with the limited time seasoning I will say the Dream XLS has become my daily go-to IEM.