Custom Art prototype thoughts…..

So far, I have about 12 hours of listening time on them.

They have lightly warm signature, but can quickly jump to warm on EDM…sensing some FIBAE DNA ala F3.

This is the best stage I have heard from Piotr- things are a bit forward, definitely make you feel like you are in the first row. The separation is great, the stage is a large rectangle with excellent depth and width. Well laid out and coherent.

To my ears it is a much more engaging listen than the Harmony 8.2, especially if pushed to higher volume levels

The bass is present and providing warmth to the signature, with wonderful resolution and layering, certainly different bass than the Massdrop Exclusive,  because the bass is more detailed and layered

While the bass is present and can thump, the IEM has great clarity, more clarity than the ME, F3 level of clarity

There is a strange port on the edge of the prototype. This caught me off guard, because it made me think DD, but I am not sure I am hearing DD. I am really curious to know more

This is CA’s most progressive sound yet